Automotive Display and Retargeting Campaigns

A customer comes to your Dealerships’ website and leaves without calling or submitting a lead. Remarketing is a way to get these dummies back to your website to get them to leave their information so your awesome BDC department can harass them for the next 2 weeks.

What we do is install a cookie on their computer whenever they come to your site. So for the next 30-540 days (your choice), we hit them with constant reminders of your amazing dealership. Now when they’re searching for love on their online dating website, we hit them up with a beautiful image of a sexy model, a car model that is.

With remarketing, you CAN get those customers back and it has been proven to convert.

Take a look at this 6 month study done by the people over at

Now are these results guaranteed? No, of course not. These people could have been selling kittens for all we know. But we have done some research of our own and have gotten people to convert for less than $40.

It gets even more fun when we start showing these customers’ ads specific to the model of car they were searching for.

We’re doing some creepy things over here at Mittcom. Creepy things that get you more sales. It’s like the guy selling DVDs out of the back of his 93 Camry, you don’t ask how he got them, and you just know that you’re watching a movie that’s still in theatres. Mittcom is that agency.

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