Dealership Reputation Management

According to market studies, 80% of consumers are influenced by advice received on social media and review websites about products and services.

The future sales of your dealership are greatly impacted by what people say about your company on the Internet.  In other words, your online reputation matters.

To manage this, you need help monitoring comments and reviews being posted about your dealership.

You need to employ a proactive reputation management strategy that will allow you to stay on top of your dealership’s online presence.

How can we help?  Review generations campaigns!

When is the right time to ask?  Better yet what is the right way to ask?  Let us show you a non-intrusive way at the most impactful time with our #LookBack Review Generators.

Online Review Nurturing-Have a database?  Let’s use it!

24/7 online review monitoring. Get notified when you get a new review on any website across the web.  Positive, Negative or Mediocre you need to know when it was posted and you need to respond! To all of them!

Reporting, we have monthly reporting and analysis and go through all of your reviews with you.

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