Automotive SEM/Paid Search Advertising

Automotive SEM and PPC, when done correctly, can be a deadly tool for a dealership.  Having being a part of a dealership, we understand the necessary factors that must be in place to make the difference from a cookie cutter OEM program, to getting your dealership to climb in ranking on that monthly manufacturer report.

Our strategy is not like the marketing agencies for dealerships. First off, you have someone who is physically in YOUR AdWords account optimizing the F*** out of it. Have you been battling with the dealership down the street? Good, lets go after all of his keywords and get your total sales up above his.

All of our SEM employees are AdWords Partners and Bing Ads Certified, so you’re not getting some cream puff who is fresh out of college handling your accounts. No, what you get is someone who has been in one of the most competitive automotive markets for the past 25 years, who has worked in a dealership, and knows how competitive this industry really is.

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